CGS is diligently monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and is committed to being responsible and supportive while navigating these difficult times and keeping everyone's safety and well-being in mind.

Welcome to CGS Dhaka Primary-Secondary

Head's Message:

Dear Reader:

Welcome back to CGSD Primary-Secondary, to yet another school year lurking ahead of us for the session 2021-2022! As CGSD humbly steps into its double-digit years, we bring with it the announcement of campus division. While PG-2 falls under CGSD Elementary, Cls.3-10 is under CGSD Primary-Secondary housed at Hs-89, Rd-4, Block-B, Banani, Dhaka.

Though the current COVID times are seeing a whole new revolution in the delivery of virtual education globally, it is indeed amazing how we are about to start our third year at CGSD Primary- Secondary virtually for the academic session 2021-2022. Amazing because we have always gone on to claim that it was the school houses, not the school itself, that was shut due to COVID! How resilient and accommodative our learners and facilitators have become to have unlearned the past methods and re-learned the new ones to emerge as survivors. Yes, one may argue that the real time school can never compensate for any other methods and indeed! However, the fact that we have not only completed one and a half years but also managed to successfully hold all the events that CGSD has earned its reputation for goes a long way. This has only been possible for the brilliant team that works day in and day out to make it all happen, virtually or otherwise!

CGSD Primary houses Class 3 – Class 6 in the Banani campus. Students begin to sit for term exams for the first time in Class 3 in their CGSD journey and more responsibilities will be shifted towards the students as the journey inches forward along the year. Moving on to Classes 4 and upward help to season the students into the CGSD philosophy more and more.

At CGSD Primary, the academics comprise of English, Math, Science, Bangla, Geography, Social Studies, Literature, History, Art & IT. In our pursuit to create awareness and importance of the environment around us, the additional subject from this year shall be Environmental Management, more popularly known as EM. Students shall continue to sit for ICT starter exams under CAIE. To facilitate flip learning and make classes more student-centric, CGSD introduces the subject Global Perspectives (GP) in Class 6-7, where students are encouraged to develop their research and presentation skills individually and in groups.

CGSD Secondary houses Class 7-10 in the Banani campus.

Here, the students are prepared in stages each year towards the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) O’ Levels in which they appear in two stages, once in Cls.9 and at the end of Class 10.

Till Class 7, the students sit for the Cambridge ICT Starter examinations. At the end of Class 7, professional career counsellors are brought in from ICS. They advise and guide the students to make their respective choices for the selection of O’ Level subjects according to their aptitude and interest. In Class 8, the O’ Level syllabus commences and students sit for the CAIE Check point exams. The subjects that we offer for O’ Levels are: English Language, Mathematics D, Bangla, Bangladesh Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Commerce, Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, Additional Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Management, Art and Design.

These last two years have focused on school-assessed grades for CAIE O’ Levels for which reason, we highly encourage our learners to actively participate in the virtual classes and submit all their assigned tasks on time.

Another area which is being given a lot of focus in counselling. With the growing need, we have developed a brilliant team of in-house counsellors who look after student needs in all senses of the word by maintaining the required level of confidentiality. Shoulder to shoulder, we have a team of teachers who champion the students by being their friends outside classrooms and beyond class hours.

Along with the academics, CGS believes in developing all-rounders for which we offer 16 clubs for Extra Curricular Activities, participation in the Duke of Edinburgh program and Model United Nation conferences both at national and international levels. In addition, the International Art competitions, Commonwealth Essay competitions and Olympiads are to name a few in which our students are highly encouraged to participate each year.

CGSD Primary-Secondary has approximately 433 students and 134 staff (faculties, administrative personnel, management and support staff) under its wings, all of whom focus on optimizing the academic and personal development of each child. This campus also caters to 138 Community School students for their schooling, hygiene and nutrition needs after regular school hours. During these COVID times, you’ll be glad to learn that our CS students have also been successfully engaging through online learning.

Our parents have always been our biggest partners in the development of our students who are none other than our own children and we look forward to the continued support in our journey ahead as part of the support circle that CGSD fosters.


Asia Alam Chowdhury

Head of School