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Quote from the President:

CGS, a name that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Our “small place in the sun” has significantly shaped who we are today. We have spent some of the most cheerful times of our lives taking part in the walkathons, annual nights, debate competitions, annual athletics, etc. The list would go on and on.
Talking about CGS, let alone visiting the school premises, makes every alumni feel very nostalgic. What CGS has done for every student, with the vision of our directors and the care of our teachers, is something every alumni is grateful for.
With our ever growing alumni association, we aim to preserve the bond between fellow members for years to come, give guidance for career through our established alumni, play a vital role in society through various charitable work and bring moments of joy to each and every one of us. Since our inception we have held dinners, gala nights, sporting events and a concert that helped to raise funds for orphanage renovations.
I am excited about what the future upholds for our beloved school and our promising alumni association. We are indeed “stronger together”.


Alumni Association Core Team members:

Sazzad Arefin Alam (President)

A Levels: CGS Class of 2004

BSC Economics (from UCL) and MBA 

Managing Director at S.A Group Of Industries

Moien Mashrur Ahmed (Acting Secretary)

A Levels: CGS Class of 2016

BSc(Hons) in Business Studies from Sunway University(2020)

Currently Pursuing Master of Marketing(MMKT) from Sunway University

Abu Mohiuddin Siddique (Treasurer)

A Levels: CGS Class of 2005 

B.A Hons in Business and Marketing from Holborn College - University of Wales (2009)

Service Holder


List of Batch Reps:

Batch Name of Batch Rep Co-Batch Rep
1996 Shabbir Hossain  
1997 Mohammed Arif Islam  
1998 Tahmina Chowdhury  
1999 Tasmia Jamal  
2000 Zabina Mahmud Chowdhury  
2001 Najib  
2002 Tanita Chowdhury  
2003 Tanim Md Shahdul Ghani  
2004 Sazzad Arefin Alam  
2005 Abu Mohiuddin Siddique  
2006 Monem  
2007 Shahriar Arefin Alam  
2008 Azeezur Rahman Khan  
2009 Mashfee Siddique  
2010 Tanzima Jahan Thasin Mabud
2011 Osman Gani Iftekharul Islam
2012 Zainab Anika  
2013 Jumana Abuwala Zahid Anwar
2014 Junena Mamun Saif Ahmed
2015 Ramisa Hoq Oishee Rafsan Hoque
2016 Moien Mashrur Ahmed Sanjida Sultana
2017 Ridanah Raiin Ridwan Radeef Ahmed
2018 Samah Hoque Irina Rezwan
2019 Noodar Yasmeen Aleeva Zareen Mahmud
2020 Imtiaz Galib Ayman Ahmed Aziz


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